In Loving Memory of Barbara McNair

 Born March 4, 1934 - at Rest February 4, 2007


Barbara McNair, 72 of Sherman Oaks, California

Born in Chicago, Illinois. Raised in Racine Wisconsin

Beloved Daughter of the Late Horace McNair, Claudia (nee Taylor).

Loving Wife of Charles Blecka for the last 20 years, Former Husband of the Late Frederick Manzie.

Beloved Sister of: Horace, Sam, Juanita, and Jacqueline.

Fond Aunt of Lee Gaither, The Late Steve Gaither, Ann Gaither,

Valerie Loflin (nee Gaither), The Late Ronald R. Thomas, John A. Thomas, Angela Rosenow.

Great Nephew John A.Thomas II

Great Niece Michelle R. Thomas

Many more Great Nieces & Nephews, Friends and Acquaintances 

Charles Blecka, John Thomas, Barbara McNair

Barbara McNair, John Thomas II, Michelle Thomas
Michelle Thomas, Charles Blecka, John Thomas, Rose Thomas, Jacqueline McNair Gaither Barbara McNair, John Thomas, John Thomas II, Charles Blecka, Michelle Thomas
John Thomas, Barbara Van Meter, Barbara McNair, George Van Meter Charles Blecka, Barbara McNair