John Thomas

Founder, President

 Chief Executive Officer



"At TECI, we know that having high quality IT Services is critical

 to our clients' success.”


John A. Thomas
Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of TECI

In November of 1998, John founded TECI and was named

President and Chief Executive Officer. His responsibilities include the following:

  • Establishing the strategic plan for TECI
  • Leading the organic growth of TECI
  • Increasing the growth of our services—especially in the area of IT outsourcing for Multiple Fortune 100 Companies around the world.
  • Expanding TECI's reach as a full-service provider of integrated products and services that focused in the IT Consulting Arena.


One of John's first accomplishments with TECI was leading the Sears- Johnson Controls, Inc. Integrated Facility Maintenance Global Operations Data Center. IT Solutions, which included staffing up and training for the Re-Engineering of the Data Center in order to provide hardware replacement, system upgrades, network cabling, oracle database optimization, backup strategy procedures, emergency disaster recovery and the Data Center relocation project made a major difference for the Sears Corporation.


John also provided regional consulting for the North American Midwest region of Johnson Controls. John also provided the Sears Automotive Group with Global IT consulting, staffing and support.


At Kraft North American Foods, John lead a team of Systems Engineers in a project that was the first to ever implement the Palm Pilot in a multi-platform environment. The project included the testing and installation process, the training of multiple Systems Engineers, the training of Kraft Foods Executive Row which included 500 CEO's, Vice Presidents and upper management personnel in the use of the unit with mobile operations.


At Miller Brewing, John staffed multiple engineers in order to support the Microsoft NT-Windows 2000 Migration deployment, while also working with Phillip Morris in order implement the sales and roll-out of the Global Data Center Migration Project. 


U.S. Patents


John also consulted for AT & T Bell Laboratories and managed 9 mainframe environments, while there he invented X-Windows for the Unix Operating System by combining a SAS Program with JCL in order to process a job through a carousel system with MVS that created, for the first time, a Window in Unix, which spanned across A T & T's Bell Line Network on the East Coast of North America. This became a US Patent and started the evolution of Windows in a Unix Environment before Microsoft created Windows.


Consulting Experience


John consulted at over 50 Fortune 500 companies around the world in order to provide a mentor role and training program which focused on Technology and Teamwork. The importance of mastering the art of troubleshooting complex connectivity related problems in a multi-platform environment.



How his Career Began:


John started his career in Information Technology at Loyola University Medical Center which allowed him to understand the importance of troubleshooting computer related problems in an environment that depended on Technology for their Life Support Systems. Hands-on experience gave John the ability to troubleshoot technical problems with accuracy and speed in order to resolve the issues that were affecting multiple departments and personnel in the Medical Center.


He has also gained experience as an Entrepreneur as he has combined Information Technology into multiple companies in the HVAC Industry.




  • His graphic designs and art work have been published by the International Library of Photography. His philosophy could easily be applied to photography by simply stating that every subject has it's moment, and as a photographer, one must strive to find and capture these instants.



  • His Quote "After all, these cherished moments, which may seem frozen in time when we see them through the camera's viewfinder, they do not last fifteen minutes; rather, viewing a photograph that captures these instances may trigger memories that will always remain embedded deep within our minds. Through photographs we are therefore offered a physical reminder as an accompaniment to a memory. We then hold in our hands the permanency of a cherished moment in time -- an image of yesterday...  Only when one attempts to analyze, interpret, and critique an image do words come into play..."



  • John Thomas has been listed as an Honored Professional in the Nation Wide Register's, Who's Who in Executives and Businesses consecutively from the year 2000 to present.
  • John has received a National Leadership Award as Honorary Co-Chairman for the Business Advisory Council.
  • In recognition of Creativity, Integrity & Excellence on the World Wide Web, John's corporation has won the Golden Web Award in the year 2001 & 2002, to this day, he strives to produce creative designs which are offered to the public.



  • The Make-A-Wish Foundation, in order to make a child's dream come true.
  • The American Cancer Society, in order to raise funds for the scientific research of nano therapy, which may some day revolutionize the way cancer treatment is applied and possibly find a cure.
  • The CMC Diamond Chamber Organization, in order to provide a therapeutic horseback riding facility for children with special needs.


A Natural Born Leader who is envisioning Technology into the Future