Great Looking, High Quality, Easy to Update!

These are the goals our design team set and achieved for this 'Generation7' web template. Our newest series of templates, the Generation7 web template includes original high quality art work, professional licensed images, and the latest coding technologies (CSS 2.01 XHTML) to help with search engine placement. This template can be used for a variety of businesses, organizations, or hobby sites.


  • Quick Start Web Site: build your web site quickly, and easily
  • Original High Quality Art Work: all graphics designed in house
  • Professional Images: royalty free licensed images included
  • Flash Animated Header: great for advertising, theme, or branding
    • easily edit the text messages without needing Flash
    • easily replace the images without needing Flash
    • easily remove components (time, date, themed image, taglines) without needing Flash
    • Multiple Page Layouts: create as many new pages as you need
      • compact layout (minimum width 800x600)
      • fullscreen layout (min width 800x600, max width fullscreen)
      • flash animated layout (compact width includes flash header)
    • CSS-based Layout: clean standards compliant code
    • Include / Library Pages: used for logo, icons, text links, menu's, copyright, themed image for easy one time editing.
    • 9 Pre-Designed Pages: just modify the text on these pages to suit your needs
    • Source Files Included: Flash .fla and graphic .PNG (for Macromedia Fireworks)
    • CSS 2.01 validated XHTML Strict validated


  • ACCESS to ONLINE Setup Guide and VIDEO Tutorials


  Our first goal in designing this template is to create something that will absolutely WOW your visitors with high quality artwork, professional (licensed) images and sensibly placed flash animation to help you 'BRAND' your name, product, or message.

  Our next goal is to utilize up to date coding practices (CSS 2.01, XHTML) for your web pages ensuring compliant web standards so search engines spidering your web will glide through your site easily.


  Our third goal is to provide you with an easy to edit, easy to modify web template using 'just' your favorite HTML editor such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver. Each template uses include pages (for FrontPage) or Library files (.lbi files) for Dreamweaver for added 'efficiency' as you are only need to edit shared information such as the (menu bars, copyright information) from one location in order to update all your pages. To ensure we've met this goal we've included a detailed Quick Start Guide complete with video instructions. We'll show you how to add and remove pages, change the themed images, and we'll even show you how to create your own graphic logo image (optional but interesting), or you can take advantage of our FREE TEXT logo service!


  First Time Web Masters! Questions on how to build a website? We've included Instructor Led Video's (Setup Guide) for first time web masters. Our lead designer will take you through every step of building a web site, from downloading to publishing with helpful tips for planning your search engine strategies. You'll watch first hand as we build an actual working website and we'll even show you some advanced tips and techniques for customizing the look and feel of your template (great for developers wanting to learn how to customize a template for their clients). The video series can be found in the 'Setup Guide' posted online, or from the 'HELP' button located on your members home page.'


Body2 Heading

This is the paragraph text for the body2 content or message area. Place text, images, links or what ever you need, or delete and leave blank. Create multiple 'text' boxes by copying the "body2_w" div container, then pasting to create additional text boxes.

These boxes will scroll vertically as you add content.

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